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Accepted Credit Cards

We are collecting your Debit/Credit Card for express check-in purposes as indicated below.

*I accept the terms above and understand and acknowledge this payment of the fee(s) is non transferable or non-refundable. Your reservation/benefit is not confirmed until payment is taken.]]>

When Add Card is selected, a secure credit card entry page will display. Here, you’ll be able to enter your credit card information. Once entered, you will be navigated back to this page.
Unfortunately the item you have selected is no longer available. Please choose another availability or Contact Us.
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*I authorize payment as specified above, and understand and acknowledge payment of the Fee(s) is non-transferable and non-refundable.]]>
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No reservation fees are applicable at this time. Please click on "Confirm Reservation" to continue, or "Cancel Reservation" to stop this booking and return to the availability search.
Rent Points Cost ({0}):
To simplify and expedite my resort check-in experience, I authorize the credit card specified above to be utilized for room deposit upon arrival.
I do not wish to participate in the Show and Go program at this time.
Please confirm you wish to remove the Reservation Protection Plan, and you understand the cancellation guidelines.
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Please confirm that you no longer wish to upgrade the reservation, and you understand the room type assigned will revert to your original selection.
Please confirm that a guest is not travelling on this stay, and you understand solely the primary member can check-in.

Please Select A Credit Card
Authorization Is Required
CVV Is Required

ExtraOrdinary Escapes™ - Remove
Reservation cannot be booked if ExtraOrdinary Escapes™ membership is not renewed.
Reservation cannot be booked if not enrolled in the ExtraOrdinary Escapes™ program.

Open Season Credit Payment amount may not exceed the member's available balance for the year the OS Credit is to be debited from
Open Season Credit Payment amount may not exceed the stay total's room rate and tax amount
Open Season Validation Failed

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Future Reservation Prepayment
Borrow Points Prepayment

VacationGuard® Travel Club Plan

Payment: When you select "Proceed to Payment" you will be redirected to a third-party payment portal to enter your Debit/Credit Card details to enable payment to be taken.]]>

*I accept and acknowledge that my reservation/benefit is confirmed upon clicking "Proceed to Payment" and I am bound by it. I understand that if I cancel or abort the transaction any time after clicking "Proceed to Payment" but prior to submitting payment, I will then be contacted to either complete the payment process or to cancel my reservation/benefit.
Proceed to Payment

Caution: Clicking the back button on your browser may result in duplicate payments.]]>

Caution: Clicking the back button on your browser may result in duplicate payments.]]>

To simplify and expedite my resort check-in experience, I authorize my Debit/Credit Card to be utilized for room deposit upon arrival.

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Please enter valid numeric amount of Open Credit balance you would like to use.

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