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Destination Xchange
Would you like to make a deposit into the Destination Xchange program using your Club Membership or your Traditional Owner Week(s)?
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Thank you, {0} points have been successfully deposited into the DEX program, earning an Exchange Tier Credit of {1}.
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In order make this deposit, points will be taken from your future usage years. Please click OK if you wish to proceed with this deposit.
Your proposed deposit will incur a deposit fee of {fee}. Do you wish to continue?
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You do not have sufficient points to complete this deposit. Please contact the support desk for assistance.
Deposits are evaluated against a tier system. You can book a standard exchange for a week with the same or lower tier than your Xchange Tier Credited value.]]>
Unfortunately we are unable to process the creation of your deposit. Please try again or use the "Contact Us" controls on this page for assistance.

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