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Member Information

Member Information

The Club® Member Directory
This guide will help answer questions about your membership, including points values for worldwide destinations.

Legal Document
This document provide new legal disclosures and defines the Articles, as well as Rules and Regulations of The Club.

HGV Tiers and Benefits
Learn more about your HGV Max membership tiers and benefits.

List of Properties Available in the HGV Max Program
View a full list of the Hilton Grand Vacations properties that are available for booking to Members with HGV Max benefits.

HGV Max Loyalty Benefits
Benefits, products and services tailor-made just for you!

Learn More About HGV Max
Find answers to frequently asked questions, including ways to contact us for more information.

Questions About Your HGV Max Membership?
Fill out our Inquiry Form to request additional information from an HGV Max expert. To complete the form, select the “Contact” mail icon located at the bottom of the left navigation bar followed by “Current Member/Owner Inquiries” from the subject drop-down menu. An HGV Max expert will contact you soon.



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