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Member Information

Member Information

Learn More About HGV Max
HGV Max is an exciting program that provides Members with new features and benefits, including discounts across the Hilton portfolio of hotels and resorts, and future access to more properties in more destinations.

2023 AGM Minutes

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Presentations at 2023 AGM

    Suzana Gomercic, Senior Vice President, European Resort Operations
    Nicola Dow, Director of EU Call Centre Operations
    Scott Melhus, Vice President of Inventory Operations

2023 AGM Notice of Hilton Grand Vacations European Collection Limited

    Notice of the Annual General Meeting.

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AGM Submitted Member Questions

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Timeshare Fraud Education
This page contains a variety of educational tools and resources to protect you from timeshare fraud, including methods to report incidents.

Hilton Grand Vacations European Collection Limited (“European Collection”) Budget Process

How Annual Management Fees Are Calculated.

EUROC (European Resort Owners’ Coalition)
Further information about the EUROC Timeshare Support Hub.

The Club® Member Directory

This book will help answer any questions you have about your membership, and provides the points values for worldwide destinations.

EU Governing Documents
This document is the legal disclosure document and defines the amended Articles and Rules and Regulations.

EU Disclosure Booklet
Services and facilities guide of resorts available to points owners and members of Hilton Grand Vacations European Collection Limited.

Unsolicited Communication, Claims Companies and Your Personal Data

    Advice from Hilton Grand Vacations Legal Team Autumn 2020

    Spot a Scam, Stop a Scam leaflet (2020)

    Advice from Hilton Grand Vacations (Europe) Limited Autumn 2017

    EZE Europe Ltd

    International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)

2019 AGM Presentation

    Download the presentation.

Fractional Membership

Fractional membership is independent from that of Hilton Grand Vacations European Collection Limited ("European Collection") membership and points ownership, although there are agreed usage rights between the entities. Fractional members, therefore, do not have the right to vote at the European Collection AGM and cannot submit member questions for the AGM; European Collection members who also own both European Collection points and Fractional points can attend the AGM, submit questions and can vote, but only using their European Collection points ownership allocation. Fractional members can approach the non-executive directors on the board of the European Collection with questions if they wish and these will be responded to.

How Management Charges are determined

Where there are fixed and floating week timeshare interests at a particular resort, a committee is nominated in accordance with their constitution and the committee meets annually to agree a budget for the upcoming year. The committee reviews the actual yearly expenses required to operate the timeshare interest and then forecasts the operating budget needed for the upcoming year in relation to those expenses. Since Hilton Grand Vacations European Collection Limited is effectively a member of these timeshare interests the collection is charged their proportional amount for all weeks in the European Collection. All of these charges are then consolidated along with the cost of operating the points’ only resorts (i.e. those without any fixed or floating week members, e.g. Vilar Do Golf) plus the additional costs of running THE ClubSM and the European Collection, such as the call centre costs, collateral and II exchange fees. The base fee is then determined along with a per point fee and then the Management Charge for each member is calculated, including those of Hilton Grand Vacations (Europe) Limited (as the founder member).

Managing Costs for the Future

The Management Company has consistently engaged in efficiencies and cost-control analysis to implement expense-saving initiatives at each resort. Working with each resort committee, the Management Company will continue to seek cost efficiencies to benefit each resort's annual budget and Management Charges.

Resort Development Organisation

As a member of the industry trade body, Resort Development Organisation, Hilton Grand Vacations (Europe) Ltd and its European branches have signed up to its Code of Conduct and Alternative Dispute Resolutions scheme ("ADR"). For more information, go to

Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA")

Hilton Grand Vacations (Europe) Limited and Hilton Grand Vacations Financial Services Limited are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA").
In the event that a complaint about an FCA regulated product is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Further information about the services provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service is available on their website



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